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Du Vendredi 8 Avril 2022 - 20h30 au Samedi 9 Avril 2022 -

Florida Beatbox Festival

Le Florida

1 jour (1 day) : 16€/14€/12€ - Pass 2 jours (2 days pass) : 27€/25€/23€

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Le Florida Beatbox Festival revient ! Cette page sera remise à jour une fois le line-up confirmé. Le texte ci-dessous s’adresse aux beatboxeurs souhaitant y participer.

Presentation and wildcards informations for the FLORIDA BEATBOX BATTLE 

Hello and welcome to the Florida Beatbox Festival!
The next edition will be held on April 8 and 9 of 2022.
First of all what’s the Florida beatbox festival? It’s a 2 days event taking place every year in a superb venue called « Le Florida » in the sweet town of Agen in the south west of France so no for the last time, as confusing as it sounds this is not happening in Miami!

During this event a lot of crazy things happen, the general idea is to have one night dedicated to beatbox showcases, beatbox artistic projects and any beatbox related wonders, the second night being a kick-ass high quality beatbox competition called Florida beatbox battle with participants from all over the world.

We’ve tried a lot of things during the 5 years of the festival’s existence, we tried classic battle, we tried multiverse beatbox battle with 8 loopers performing on stage with special rules in a futuristic environment, we’ve involved the talents of the population of Agen and its region, giving workshops, creating beatbox tracks and videos with them in order to infuse our passion for beatboxing into the core of the festival’s audience.

We’ve tested crazy rules (we won’t keep them all don’t worry! 😉) and also created a new way of battling with a 1 round tournament format where the opponent switch every time allowing the true 4 best participants to emerge from the quarterfinals even if they lose 1 round, so you see here we experiment things and we’ll keep on doing it!!!

Pas de cookies pas de vidéo…

About the 2022 edition :

Friday April 8, a full evening of beatbox shows :

We’ve decided to always push the artistic side of beatboxing and of course a festival wouldn’t be a festival without concerts so this time you will have the privilege of witnessing 2 extended showcases by the 2012 world champions Skiller and Pe4enkata who will unveil their full repertoires for you.

We’ll also have a breath-taking dance, beatbox and video mapping show called YUREI and this is something you’ve never seen before and don’t want to miss so if you want to attend the festival, we’ve made the tickets really affordable and you can check the details and book on billetterie.le-florida.org.

Pas de cookies pas de vidéo…

Saturday April 9, Florida Beatbox Battle (a true pro battle!) :

The FBB is now a classic!
This year everything from the jury to the visual environment will be badass but the main change is that every competitor will be paid for their participation! We’ve taken in consideration all the experiences from the past for this edition, all mistakes, all successes and try to come up with a durable format, a durable policy and a new higher standard especially for the beatboxers.

This year the focus is on a professional solo beatbox battle starting at top 8, meaning that the 8 qualified contestants will get an artist fee as any performer of the festival. The format is now clearly defined: 5 judges, no overtime, quarterfinals with our special 1 round per battle format, 2 wins to advance, 1 loss is not fatal but 2 losses and you’re out… Semifinals and final with a classic 2 rounds format.

Unfortunately  there won’t be any loop station battle this time because we felt that everything was too compressed and stressful for a 1 night event so we’ve decided instead to place the budget on a shorter yet high quality solo battle. What does it mean? It means every contestant will get 300 euros to participate plus a travelling fee up to 300 euros, 2-3 hotel nights, dinners and of course there will be an extra for the 3 best beatboxers of the tournament! 
So that’s that! And we hope it will bring a crazy level to the competition and of course allow new talents that may not usually have the money to participate to an international event to be discovered.

Wildcard competition

This year we have to re-qualify 4 wildcard winners from the previous edition who couldn’t make it because of covid ( Beatmeda /MixFx / DoubleM / Piratheeban) so only 4 slots are available. Every year we have cancellations though so if you’re placed 5 or 6 there’s a big chance that you’ll be qualified too.

You want to participate?

That’s pretty easy: record a 2 mins wildcard, there won’t be deduction if you do more but please make it short and sweet, also no Multi-cam, only one angle and keep the movements of your mouth as visible as possible (Don’t forget to tell us your name and nationality in the beginning of the video).
Then upload it on YouTube and write your name and the mention « FBB22 wildcard » as a title, then DM the link to the Florida beatbox battle Facebook page so we don’t forget anyone (this is mandatory for your participation!). 

The wildcard competition starts now and ends December 6 at noon GMT, so get on it!!

Wildcards scoring system: each judge gives a top 10, number 1 gets 10 points, number 10 gets 1 point…. Then a general top 10 will be made based on these individual results. Top 4 will be qualified to participate to the FBB 2022.

Wildcards judges: K.I.M. (FRA/SWE) / Pe4enkata (BUL) / River (FRA) / Hobbit (UK) / BMG (FRA)

We hope to see you all here!! PEACE

Florida beatbox Festival édition 2020
Florida beatbox Festival édition 2020